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I began using "d-pos" over ten years ago, but recently I have recognized its growing popularity as a mainstream insult. In the past it was only something to be used with my closest friends. However, I'm beginning to hear other people use it, so I'm proud to officially introduce "D-positive" to the Urban Dictionary...

"D-positive" (also known as "d-pos") is growing in popularity throughout the DC-metropolitan area. It is a nickname based upon the acronym of a very commonplace insult: "dumb piece of sh*t".

If for whatever reason, you need to keep the language clean (like you're at grandma's house), calling someone "d-positve" is the safe/clean alternative to the potentially more offensive "dumb piece of sh*t"...

(D-positive = D.P.O.S. = Dumb Piece Of Sh*t)
Dorm Room Etiquette:
"Who's the d-pos that puked in the hallway last night?"

Holidays With The Family:
"Dad are you D-positive?"

Dorm Room Etiquette Continued:
"Which one of you depo’s took my toothbrush?"
by Alan King September 02, 2004
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