A derogatory term for a person/group considered undesirable, as in Do not call, Do not invite, Do not talk to, Do not be seen with, etc.
e.g. a D-list actor always gets turned down for roles and may even be turned away from going to auditions.

#persona non grata #a-list #b-list #c-list #scum #leper
by bill the cat August 19, 2008
Top Definition
A social networking site tailored to males making non-standard lifestyle choices, particularly in the area of selecting partners. The site is most accurately described as "MySpace for queers", but is much less cluttered.
Dude, I was like on DList yesterday and you were like a featured member! It so has to be because of those nude pics you uploaded.
#gay #myspace #social networking #queer #porn #sex #fuck #suck #cum
by Adam and Stevie October 28, 2007
A D-list or Dick list is a real or imaginary list made up of all the guys you have slept with or want to sleep with. Usually arranged by size, shape or color.
1.Oh Him, yeah he's on my D-list working my way to there still.
2.Is he on your D-list yet?
3.Can you recommend someone from your D-list if you don't mind sharing?
#dick #sex #list #dicktionary #friends #fuck buddy
by Nerdy-J January 24, 2010
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