a girl who repazents the Kellum flo' six fa scheezy. she lives with the Steg, and has a map game on her computer.
D-bone swears she's a thug.
by r-man November 10, 2003
Top Definition
named after performing doggy style sex for a girl, finishing on her lower back (bare skin or t-shirt), gathering the finishings into either hand and gently slapping the girl in the face with a rubbing motion to be sure and smear it in.

usually performed in a degrading act of assholeness
mary tyler moor ALWAYS enjoyed a good D-bone after a long pounding from dick van-dyke
by Devon R. December 02, 2007
A person who enjoys duct taping women to the bed when having sex with them.
That guy with the tape is a real D-Bone with her.
by rodney sanders March 24, 2005
To be muscular. When a persons biceps and/or any sort of a persons form, forms the letter D
"That person is d-bone right there!"
by Ariel E. August 31, 2004
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