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n. A person who puts forth the absolute minimal amount of effort required to complete a task. They often procrastinate, getting Cs and Ds in school, showing up to work late and only when it suits them, and bum food, money, and rides off of their "friends."
"Where's Jason, he was supposed to meet us an hour ago before work?"
"I don't know, I tried his phone, but I think he broke it again cause it went straight to voicemail."
"I'm sure he had trouble finding a ride back from summer school."
"Yeah, well, he may be a great preschool teacher, but he's gonna be an even better D-Wall."
by Zachary 'Jebidiah' Ritter June 09, 2008
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A large sliding door that acts as a wall when closed
Let's close the dwall so we can watch a movie in here
by get.essy December 01, 2013
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