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a scumbag, but only used to describe female scumbags.
that coot is such a drack
by dan November 12, 2003
D-Rack is a name given to someone who's name starts with a D, and who is Radical. The name must be given to this person by a group of close friends.
"Dude, we decided to call Dallas D-rack cause he's so radical."
by WildRoseProductions November 12, 2007
The utmost level of chill, so chill that's its scary like Dracula.
"Yo bro how was Tony's last night" ...

"Well I was looking to rage but it was pretty drack"

"What are you doing tonight?" ....

"I'm just tryna drack, I'm pretty tired."
by Rorry Dopestein June 19, 2013
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