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D-Rack is a name given to someone who's name starts with a D, and who is Radical. The name must be given to this person by a group of close friends.
"Dude, we decided to call Dallas D-rack cause he's so radical."
by WildRoseProductions November 12, 2007

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a scumbag, but only used to describe female scumbags.
that coot is such a drack
by dan November 12, 2003
The utmost level of chill, so chill that's its scary like Dracula.
"Yo bro how was Tony's last night" ...

"Well I was looking to rage but it was pretty drack"

"What are you doing tonight?" ....

"I'm just tryna drack, I'm pretty tired."
by Rorry Dopestein June 19, 2013