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Used as a duragatory term. Meaning fat, stupid, ugly, greasy, hairy, lazy, awkward, squeaky, cock blocker, v-card swiper, ass hole, tip drill giver, dirty, messy, wretched, filty, poop dick, grimy, grubby, stinky, soiled, unclean, cesspool, foul, bitch, caveman fucker, pushover, pussy, snivvely, little bitch, weasel, sneaky, cum guzzler, disgusting, creeper, stalker, ALL IN ONE!!!!!
FUCK YOU you D-CARD go clean your FUCKING room!!!!!!!
by MrHunterman12 May 29, 2008
A dirty dirty mexican, who needs to clean his fucking room. He gets girls blacked out on a frequent basis with his tequila. Often seen shirtless exposing his back and chest, which is covered completely with greasy ballsack hair.
Dude you need to check yourself, your starting to be a D-Card!
by MrHunterman12 May 29, 2008
A diplomatic identity/immunity card.
Cameron: Man I pulled my d-card on teh five-o's last night when i got causht for underage drinking and they couldn't do anything.
by mattmcl January 28, 2006
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