dallas texas, where da hustlas and headbussas are formed
D-town representin dat dallas texas, not no detroit or denver
by Rick D May 15, 2004
dallas, tx not denver or detroit and we aint no hillbillies either bitch all bout them mexicans
im from that d-town ledbetter
by throwed pimp May 18, 2004
Detriot, or a common phrase that is used by those who claim to others that they live in Detroit, disregarding the obviousness to others that they do not.
"Yeah I'm from dtown"
"(cough) No...um...no you're not..."
by mk April 05, 2004
D-Town is Dallas cuz as far as size, metro area and crime we got the street cred. And the legendary D.O.C. is from Dallas and the whole Metroplex has alot of artist releasing major label debuts before the end of the year so fuck what another nigga talmbout!
D-Town aka Dallas, Texas muthafucka thats where I stay!
by Gyeah! September 05, 2005
My nigga yall mufukas crazy, half of these people talkin about fuck Dallas half of yall mufukas on here aint even been to Dallas, Dallas iz D-Town, D-town iz dallas.Simple.Just becuz Eminem say it, dont make it automatically Detroit.Sad yall had to take word from a white boy to help yall make up a name for yall weak ass tired ass city. O and for Denver shut the hell up, co-signin asses.
"We Da throwdest Clik representin D-Town!!"!-DSR (Dallas,Texas)
by DTownTexas August 26, 2005
yall dumbass fools thinkin D-Town stand fo dallas or Denver.. it stand fo Detroit Michigan! home of tha Best basketball team everr
D-Town is tha shit bc we got them Deetroit Piistons
by --maranda March 31, 2006
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