A poor example of a school located in G-town; they claim they own the town; when we all know the panthers own! get a real life #GenevaHigh
Look up Deneva or D-Town you won't find one in geneva
by GetatmebroGeneva March 09, 2012
Slang for Dallas, TX
D-Town hol it down til i die BITCH!!!
by luis_V August 09, 2005
Always have and always will be Detroit,Mi. The original D, The original murder capital. Dallas wish wish they could even half of what Detroit is. Murder mitten bitches. Put that in yo mouth and choke on it hoe.
D-Town is the murder capital.
by MissDetroitGirl1 September 06, 2008

Detroit mutha fuckin michigan.

murder city....hardest city out, period.

fuck all you punk ass bums thinkin its dallas or denver or any of that other bullshit. yall mutha fuckas need to go fuck a bull or somethin with ya hick ass!!!

shit we even got a d town 313 detroit nike air force 1 that came out yearsssssss ago. google that shit fuck boy!

kill yaself you fuckin bums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo man them D-Town town niggas aint nothin to fuck around with youll get bodied up real quick we cath ya ass slippin!

D-Town boys dont play theyre quick to body up a dallas bum

by FUCK DALLAS March 26, 2008
Itz Detroit. If u want history Detroit Been here longer than Dallas been here 4real look dat shit up. Plus we da murder cappy so we get da most gangsta name most bumz got heat here nigga and can't nobody fuck wit us real talk. Most of yall niggaz cant last a day or a hour in Detroit. So letz make it clear Detroit is Motor City Murda City Motown Da D and muthafukin D-Town Bitches
If you come to D-Town u get knocked down hoes
by Detoit Killa April 13, 2008
Represent da trey-o-trey Denver baby. D-Town takin the label from nasty Detriot and cowboy Dallas. Denva is up an comin' so yall best move b***hs and get out our way cuz the 303 and 720 where it be goin down. Holla!
Where we movin to?
D-Town baby!
by Busta08 November 27, 2007
DETROIT! I dont here too much shit out of denver but these hoe ass Dallas cats need to stay down in tex and fuck a bull or they cousins or howeva ya'll get ya nut down there. But real talk D-town, tha D, motorcity, motown, murda cappy, 313, all refers to Detroit.

On second thought ya'll dallas and denver cats can have the d-town title. Now that i think bout it, it sound wack. Detroit is "tha D" and aint no disputing that.
where u from? d-town bitch
by 7mile_don September 25, 2007

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