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1 definition by Solo4rmdtown

D-town is Dallas. Not detroit and
not Denver. Denver shouldent even
be in this argument ya'll are friendly
ass fuck with that o we got love for
Dallas we don't need ya'll love fruit
cakes ass fools and ur city is know as
the Queen city that's just too friendly.
detroit keep that murder capital shit
ya'll ain't crazy just stupid shotin ya'll.

self like that dumb ass from 8 mile

or killin each other for a pound of

trees or a zone of ye-yo and Hockytown
can't even be big D cause D-town is

alot biger then Motown and who gives
a fuck If rockcity wus here first cause

da D-town bullies came and took your
shit crakers( slim shady's)
D-town Texas

motown Michigan

da bitch(queen) city of the plains Denver
by Solo4rmdtown August 18, 2009
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