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Abbreviation for the Daddy/babygirl relationship, the symbiotic dominant/submissive sexual/love relationship between a nurturing, mentoring older man and a younger woman who requires a substitute father figure in her mate. This feminine need is usually borne of a childhood left stunted because of an absent or inattentive father. For the man, satisfaction is gained from the youthful exuberance of the female and her granting of greater admiration, respect and desire than he would likely obtain from a woman his own age. (He may also feel threatened by the more experienced scrutiny of a mature woman.) In the absence of his own offspring, the man may also fulfill his need to mentor and parent within this Daddy/babygirl relationship, which in and of itself is NOT a matter of pedophilia or the sexual desire for actual children.
D/bg is not the same as S/M and B&D.
by Poet Daddy February 24, 2008
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