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Abbreviation for "down low" To not pass on information, If you tell someone a secret they should keep in on the D LO.
Sup brother, I boned Fred's sister, but keep it on the D LO or I will get the shit kicked outta me
by New Zeal October 25, 2005
Ancient Bengali word for one who abandons the fellow members of there tribe to tune\weasel his fucking arse off, doesn’t sink piss with the boys, a fucking poorarse. He who doggeth the boys. He will be judged by the Phantom once every year
"Sink some Piss you fucking shit DLO cunt"
by P-D DOG June 19, 2004
Down Low
D-Lo is a shortened term for 'Down Low' and can be used in all the same instances.

Also my cousin DeAngelo, What up D-Lo!
'Hey, hommy, keep it on the D-Lo.'
by JGSR May 05, 2006
Emergency medical services slang for "dead later on".

c.f., DRT
"Dude, that was one mega-wreck! We had one DRT, and the other three were DLO after the Doc got finished with 'em!"
by Graybeard October 01, 2006
A term for Spaniards born in England, often Oxford.
You lost 14p on the football? You D-Lo!
by Algy Williams June 14, 2010
A company that makes iPod cases that totally and completely scratch up your iPod. These should never be purchased by anyone!!!
I bought this DLO case at Best Buy and it fucking scratched my iPod those fucking cunts should burn in hell.
by EmyAnn April 07, 2006
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