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To be AVERY hot girl.
A super HOT or a CZERNIKOWSKI girl.
by imalittleking April 13, 2010
An Ashkenazic Jewish and Slavic surname, "Czernikowski" (pronounced "T'sh-er-nee-kov-skee") is a name related to "Black" ("Czarny" or "Czarna") or a place name (e.g., "Czarnia" for the Czarna or Czarnia River in Northeastern Poland).
Unfortunately, a number of Holocaust victims bore the name "Czernikowski" (according to YadVashem.org). The Czernikowski family often cited by Yad Vashem seems to come from the Lodz and Kielce, Poland regions (among other places).
by Nickidewbear August 18, 2011