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Only the most badass shape-shifter around this side of the universe! She can transform into anything, but mostly a mermaid and a snail. Why? BECAUSE SHE CAN HOES! She can lick up seamen and shake her titties for money all in the same night. Then she can transform into fucking Harry Potter and kick your ass in wizard chess. The she'll fly over to the set of Twilight and bitch-slap the shit out of Kristen Stewart with her dick, THAT SHE GREW BECAUSE SHE'S A BADASS SHAPE-SHIFTER!! If you ever meet a Cythicah, bow down to her and kiss her feet and give her all your coupons to KFC because thats where she likes to spend her lonley friday nights.
Shahala: Damn guuuuurrrl! you be seeing that crazy ass bitch with the weave who is always licking up seamen, shaking her titties for money, and spending her friday nights at KFC?

Carl: Yeah bbz. Thats Cythicah. You try and take her chicken and she'll slap you so hard YOUR GRANDBABIES WILL FEEL IT!

Shahala: ... Damn.
by theoriginalCythicah December 27, 2011
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