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Cyssero, born Michael Williams, is a rapper from North Philadelphia. He is signed to The Game's record label Black Wallstreet. He spit a verse at an event backstage for Game and he signed him on the spot. He confirms this in a freestyle to "Feel it in the Air," where Cyssero says "All it took was one verse and Game was convinced."

Although he hasn't hit mainstream Cyssero still has a few enemies. He has shot diss tracks at Cassidy, (who claims Cyssero bit his style) Young Gunz, and G-Unit. There are also a few battle videos our with Cyssero circulating around the net, including battles with Quban and Major Lead.

Philly's Bad Guy was his first album under Affiliated Records. It was not advertised or sent to most major stores. Only 12,000 albums were ever sold, mostly to die hard fans. His debut album on Black Wallstreet is rumored to be released sometime in January of '07.

Nicknames include Rockstar, Capitol P, Rockstar, and the Prince of Black Wallstreet
Hot Cyssero Tracks:
Destined For Greatness ft. Reiko
It's On
Stand Up ft. Lotto and Critikal
by Cuatro menos tres November 24, 2006
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