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A game developed by Cyn that is a variation of a trivia form of quidditch. In Cynditch, players answer Harry Potter trivia using dirty responses. The dirtiest response to each question, as decided by the referee, wins the question.
Ref: Let's play Cynditch! What's the coat of arms from Beauxbatons?
Player 1: two crossed golden wangs each emitting 3 gallons of cum
Player 2: a pair of crossed penies and your mom's ass
Player 3: two crossed golden dildos each blossoming a large fountain of cum
Player 4: two dildos, entwined, each shooting three squirts of cum
(Real answer: two crossed, golden wands, each emitting three stars)
Ref: Player 1 wins this point of Cynditch!
by GoddessOfWhips March 06, 2011
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