An abbreviation for canyon.
The sign reads "Grand Cyn Road", which refers to Grand Canyon Road.
by EnderA June 05, 2007
Being awesome and ebil at the same time.
Cyn rocks my socks.
by bra December 12, 2003
Sexy Girl, Nice Ass, Pretty face, Beautiful Hair, Tight as Fuck.

Usually Flirty, Affectionate, and lots of fun.
Girl 1: Have you heard about that girl, who plays all the guys?

Girl 2: Ugh! Must Be Cyn!
by NoodzLover July 02, 2011
A nickname. Short for Cynthia.
Hi, my name is Cyn.
by erasablecrayons :] August 24, 2010
This one guy who is better than you are.
Wow, I wish I was as cool as Cyn.
by Katsudo October 25, 2003
Insult used to describe manipulative, lying, two faced, superficial people.
"She is such a Cyn!"
by Jemima Puddleduck June 16, 2004
Bitch, Slut, FuckHead, Dick Head, Cunt, Cock sucker, Girl ho needs 2 shave her bak (majorly)
Ur such a Cyn!
by Steffigloo October 17, 2003

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