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A portmanteau of cyber and celebrity, a Cylebrity is an average person who has become well-known or famous on the internet.
You know that dude Michael Buckley from What the Buck? He could be the first cylebrity to get a spot on The View.
by KiNG`Joey November 25, 2007
Someone who is very popular online but when not on the computer has or has close to no friends. A prime example are Myspace whores, WoW nerds, and online predators. You would never be able to pick these people from a lineup, but you know their a/s/l, screename, and you know their face....from a picture.
That kid Joe sits alone in school but i heard he has like 50,000 friends on myspace, hes a cy-lebrity.

Tom from myspace is a prime example.
by JCrac September 27, 2007
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