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A TERRIBLE movie that would have been more aptly named: Epic Fail!
Joey: Did you see Epic Movie?
Nick: More like Epic FAIL!
by KiNG`Joey June 20, 2007
A group of people who do not know how to use a map. Only known in South Carolina.
"I believe that US Americans..."
by KiNG`Joey September 16, 2007
Irlol is a combination or IRL and LOL indicating that the person typing it actually laughed out loud.
Borat: That suit is black....................... NOT!
Me: WOW! Haha that was funny! I irloled!
by KiNG`Joey March 17, 2007
A combination of forgot and remember.

When you ask someone a question but then immediately remember the answer.
Joey: "Hey Nick... What was the name of the girl at the party last night? Oh wait never mind I fremember."
by KiNG`Joey June 16, 2007
When someone is very agressive about trying to agree with you. Usually a form of sucking up.
Brian wanted my Lakers tickets so bad he was being agreessive with everything I said, even my crazy racist comments.
by KiNG`Joey September 04, 2007
The typical girl's Myspace/Facebook profile picture that involves some sort of kissing or kissy face combined with a sideways or somewhat askew peace sign. It can be very difficult to tell the relative attractiveness of female by only their 'space face.
Nick: Yo that girl Brittany who added me on Myspace looks pretty hot.
Joey: IDK man... all her pictures had a bad case of the 'space face.
by KiNG`Joey December 25, 2007
A portmanteau of cyber and celebrity, a Cylebrity is an average person who has become well-known or famous on the internet.
You know that dude Michael Buckley from What the Buck? He could be the first cylebrity to get a spot on The View.
by KiNG`Joey November 25, 2007

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