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Cydric is the most nicest, sweetest, funniest, understanding, sexy beast with pecks ever! He's so epicly awesome and just so freaking crazy! You will absolutley love him once you get to know him!
First Girl: "Ohh look at Cyrdric working out ;)"
Second Girl: "Yeah check out his pecks!"

FG: "Omg I love Cydric he's so nice and sweet and awesome!"
SG:" Yeah, tell me about it!"
by Crazy_Asian_713 May 06, 2011
A gay fag who's loved by everyone.
Stranger 1: "Hey, did you that Cydric over there?"
Stranger 2: "Yeah, he's always playing games alone. lol loner"
by Poptarttheripper August 18, 2011