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Basically a Goth or Punk on E.

A product of the rise of Cybergoth, Electropunk and EBM scenes a Cybertwat is just like a rave newbie, new to the scene and living the dream, just a tad too much!

With the seemingly permanent addition of some glowsticks and UV reactive or reflective adornments over his usual black, he has decided this music and style slays all others, and everytime he comes to your party/BBQ/parents funeral he MUST take over the stereo and constantly play VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berserk and Covenant at volume 11 and hand dance about sweatily or HE WILL KILL YOU ALL!!

They normally get over it within a few months once they realise it's not paranoia, everyone really is avoiding them!
Shall we invite Paul to the gathering tonight or is he just too much of an insufferable Cybertwat right now?
by ..WiL March 05, 2007
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