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Generally used when someone is deserving of a slap, but when you are talking on social network sites, texting etc.
Person 1: Blah.....Blah.....Blah.......
Person 2: *OMG Shut up!* CYBERSLAP
Person 1: Sorry, was I blahhing again?
Person 2: Yes
Person 1:........
by gmanleedsfan72 January 31, 2011
0 1
a signal used on AIM or other internet messaging services to initiate in a virtual "high five," usually used as a congratulatory statement.
Rick: lol we pwnt that shit
Carlos: Yea dude CYBER SLAP
by Pagliasaurus Rex July 13, 2007
3 4
1. noun; like a diss
2. verb; to diss by email
-ring ring, you got mail, you just got cyber slapped!!! ooh diss in the kitchen..
by yo mama and yo sista May 31, 2005
6 9