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A group or function within the information technology department of a company who's purpose is to monitor, edit, or block undesired web sites and e-mail.
"Sorry dude, but I couldn't check out that link for the online porn site you sent me here at work. Our cybernazi blocked it".

"I don't know what you had to say in that last e-mail you sent, but it must have been pretty bad because all I received was a notification from our cybernazi's saying they blocked it"
by TexasStingray March 30, 2010
A person is too much of a pussy to express his racist thoughts in real life, so he goes around making anti-Semitic and anti-Black posts at sites like
iluvhitler88: All those Niggers, Kikes, Beaners, and Armeniggers should go back to their own countries because when Jesus made America, he wanted there to be absolutely no immigrants.
someguy:^lol cyber nazi
by kevorkiann February 19, 2010

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