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Virtual-based mockery through a website or social media posts, focused on a person, place or thing by posting true and accurate quotes, images, video which serve to shed the "target" of the mockery in a humorous light. A Cybermocker depends heavily on pointing out ironic and contradictory information about a person, particularly if that information was originally created or posted by the "target". Unlike Cyberstalking, which is a crime, there is not an element of anonymity or threat in Cybermocking. Cybermocking is particularly effective at detecting thin skin, pomposity, self importance and embellishment. Cybermocking is a First Amendment protected form of Speech.
Examples of Cybermocker would be someone posting at a John Kerry related site: "I voted for the bill before I voted against it". The author of an article in Slate magazine on the complete "Bushisms" is a Cybermocker.
by MongCon August 24, 2013

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