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A cyberbrat is a very intelligent, creative, and playful individual who can be very feisty at times. Cyberbrats usually obtain a PhD in Clincial Psychology and work with children. They have a multitude of personas that allow them to adjust to any environment and manipulate the people around them. A cyberbrat has the ability to become evil and torturous but does not cause physical harm. You should be cautious when dealing with a cyberbrat because they are often up to something and love to cause mayhem wherever they go. Cyberbrats also have a very attractive quality and can actually be very entertaining, funny, and in the end lovable. They have a tendency to torture former supervisors especially ones that love to dance salsa, fear pretzeloid objects, and display paranoid and delusional thinking.
Consider yourself lucky if you find yourself tortured by a cyberbrat.
by Bratty Productions Inc. March 17, 2011

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