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losing money during an online poker session. typically the dump occurs in less than 30 seconds resulting in a substantial loss of funds.
"i lost 700 dollars in a cyberdump last night when I was drunk. It sucked"
by A wilgus February 17, 2008
When you sit on the toilet, pooping while watching porn on your computer, Talking with people like nothing has changed.
*on aim*

"dude, wanna come over?"

"oh i can't i'm taking a cyber dump"


"I can still talk though. So how about them Broncos?"
by Jbn/Gstache Duo April 24, 2007
Getting dumped by your girlfriend over the internet, via e-mail or even worse - instant messengers (e.g. ICQ, MSN, AOL ...). A step worse than being teledumped (see teledump), which is already very very bad.
Fuck me, my girlfriend just dumped me over ICQ. What a kick in the nuts. How low can you go anyway?
by azenka June 14, 2003
1. To dump a person;end a relationship over the internet, cyber breakup.

2. When one person ends a "cyber" relationship.
James: What happen with your gf man?
John: The bitch cyber dump me via email.

Tom had to cyber dump her online lover when things started to get creepy.
by Whatupbichez September 18, 2009