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Also known as Cyber Confidence Disorder, CCD is a diagnosable disease where the patient is confident enough while in cyberspace to communicate with an individual, but when confronted in person fails to meet social expectation - freezing up and not saying a word.
Guy 1: "I have this friend in class right, n she's a real top sort of chick but she's definately has CCD - and only ever talks to me on facebook chat"
Guy 2: "Shit man, Cyber Confidence is a bitch, she really needs to take her meds."
by eClif May 01, 2010
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When you get online and you start talking trash whenever your too much of a puss to say it in real life.
Dave: Did you hear what John said to Brittany in that text message?

Kit: Yeah, he's got a serious case of cyber confidence.
by Aqua785 March 29, 2009
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