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Words and letters used, when communicating online, to shorten the amount of letters you have to type, to get a point across, or to describe what you mean, or what you are doing.
Here are a few examples of Cyber Lingo:

OMG=Oh My God

LOL=Laugh Out Loud

SMH=Shaking My Head

LMAO=Laughing My A$$ Off

BRB=Be Right Back

JK=Just Kidding

IDK=I Don't Know

STFU=Shut The F#@& Up

CUL8R=See You Later

RME=Rolling My Eyes

H8RZGH8=Haters Gonna Hate

FAIL=You Failed at your attempt to: Reply, Joke, or whatever you were trying to do, or accomplish, with your post, or picture.

L8RZ=Later (See ya! Bye!)

PWND=Owned (You got: outdone, worked over, a$$ kicked, told, wiped out, shown what was up, beat)

(There are many more, this is a small example.)
by Sweet1o1 November 05, 2010
The way people talk over the internet
The cyber lingo that people use to socialize over the internet is so unusual.
by Free Amerika April 05, 2015
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