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Cyber Liberals are a group of people who gang up in chat rooms and or on public boards. It is important to note that, due to their herd mentality, Cyber Liberals are never found alone; they are always part of a group.

Cyber Liberals believe that the government can magically solve all of mankind's problems. The Cyber Liberals' trust in government leaders is absolute. From birth to death, Cyber Liberals have ultimate faith in the government to provide equally for everyone. They have no understanding of where wealth comes from, and are completely unaware that the government has no wealth except that which it first takes it away from its citizens.

If confronted with their flawed logic and the fallacies of their beliefs, they huddle together and hurl insults and call names. They are unable to defend the unsound reasoning upon which they have based their beliefs, because they lack even the most basic understanding of what they profess to believe. Some Cyber Liberals exhibit symptoms of mad cow disease if asked to explain the fallacies in the logic of their arguments.

When Cyber Liberals are provided with the reality of the results of full government control, whether socialism or a theocracy for example, they deny the facts, deny history, and again resort to hurling insults and name-calling.

Typically a cyber liberal is one who believes that his employment is beneath him, and that his employer owes him a job, regardless of his qualifications and education. Typically he is a high school or college drop out. Although, it is not unusual for a Cyber Liberal to have a B.A. degree in Fine Arts. Those who do cannot understand why they are flipping burgers instead of having their paintings of bird droppings exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
The Cyber Liberals in the chat room, typing insults in all caps, left no room for a rational debate of principles.
by Cyber Independent July 26, 2009
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