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Verb: (to cuzzle-sack) the act of placing your arm around someone, hopefully one of some relation to you, just to distract them from the fact that you are going for a sneak touch of their danger zone

Adjective: (cuzzle-sacker) 1. Someone who is overly flirtatious or promiscuous, 2. a person whose level of douche has reached maximum, 3. A sleazy-looking individual

Noun: (cuzzie) 1. Someone who partakes in excessive amounts of cuzzle-sacking, refer to the above

Noun: (cuzzfest) 1. A group of individuals who look like they have a penchant for cuzzle-sacking, 2. A suspicious group of individuals who look too close to be just "good friends", 3. A sketchy party in which hooking up is the main objective

Noun: (cuzzle) A discreet word for the natural state of a woman's privates.
"So what happened on your movie date last night?"
"He totally took me to a tear-jerker so that he could cuzzle-sack me for half of the movie."

"Wow, that faux-hawk couldn't make you look like any more of a cuzzle-sacker right now."

1. "He did it like 4 times in a row, with 4 different girls, he's most definitley king cuzzie."
2. "How was the party?" "All they had to drink was Triple Sec and there was thongs all over the basically it was a total cuzzfest."
3. "Are you going to get a bikini wax?" "You know, I'm thinking about letting my cuzzle, just be."
by N and M February 07, 2011
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