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1.) Adj. Shady, Inconspicuous, Amibiguous, Deceitful.

2.) Anybody who rolls up in Vallejo, California. Namely from Country Club Crest near highway 37.
1.) Damn, some cutty shit went down last night! I'm STILL high!

2.) Cutty #1:Ay, bluh! Was playin'?

Cutty #2:Ay! Not much, cutty! You up for poppin some bitches lata'?

Cutty#1: Aw! You know!
by A_I June 27, 2006
16 18
A term used to describe sex as an object, event, or reward. Nearly synonymous with cut.
"Baby, I'mma get some cutty tonight?"

"What you smilin' for?"
-"Nigga i got some cutty las' night!"

"F*ck a ring & marriage, it's time for some cutty!"

by dropdreadsexy April 22, 2006
1146 703
Bay Area Slang, has many meanings which are ambiguous. The word has a certain feel to it and can describe many situations. Associated with the terms "cutthroat" and "cut" as in "in a cut." Some say it originated in Vallejo, but everyone agrees it originated in the Bay.

As an Adjective:
1) Hidden, Somewhere away from the general view. Usually a "shady" or "sketchy" area, but used in a generally positive sense. In a cut.

2) Used to describe a person who is streetwise and knows many shady or dangerous people.

3) Used to describe a situation in which illegal or immoral activity is happening, but usually with a positive spin

As a noun

1) Reference to a friend or associate.
2) Sometimes refers to pussy, or general action.
3) Can refer to good ass weed that doesn't look like kill.

X: I took this girl, broke into the abandoned Lucky's, and fucked her in the candy aisle.
Y: Nice.
X: There was still candy there.
Y: Cutty.
X: Then I didn't have a place to crash so I went to my homeys old apartment building and went down to the cutty ass basement and crashed there.
Y: How did you get past security?
X: I went in through a cut.
Y: What'd you sleep on?
X: I went to the laundry room, stole hella laundry, and laid it out like a bed.
Y: Cutty as fuck.
by HellaFromTheCity February 22, 2009
531 170
- sketchy or shady often used when talking about doing something illegal.
- Can also be used as "cutts" referring to a place
-Dude yesterday I was walking home and I saw this guy get stabbed. it was hella cutty

-Last weekend I was at this party in the cutts and this guy offered me heroin
by dbro99999 January 30, 2008
550 312
a female vagina
stick it in my cutty
by A-dizzle October 21, 2003
691 605
name for friend or associate. usually substitued for the word "dawg". can be used at the beginning, end, or multiple times in a sentence or phrase - actually the more the better. make sure not to use like - "that's my cutty".
"Ay, what up cutty."

"Naw cutty, you coo, you ain't even gotta worry bout that cutty."
by Marquita August 01, 2005
362 301
1. came from "cutthoat" as in the "cutthoat committee" niggas in vallejo, club crest, you feel me.

in most raps it means nigga, cuzzo, homie, patna, etc et al...

2. but its also an old school (or 80's) oldsmobile cutlass supreme
1. "you my cutty till we die"

2. "throw her in the cutty like iceberg slim"
by sfc chic May 07, 2006
283 244
A Cutlass Supreme by Oldsmobile.
That's a sick ass cutty.
by cfunk October 14, 2003
187 150