6 definitions by siddhartha

To say someting, or to explain for the first time
Let me itterate to you the meaning of life
by siddhartha January 14, 2002
short for

Radical Fuck
1. a person who is outrageously radical.
2. a person that is so rad.


Radical Fucking
1. great sexual intercourse.
Radical Fuck
Damn Tony Hawk is one radfuk.

Radical Fucking
Last night I had the most radfuk I ever had in my life.
by siddhartha October 19, 2004
a tease like sticking your tongue out and making the sound bloooweeek.
boy : fine ass you got there.
girl : bloooweeek!
by siddhartha October 19, 2004
The people you see in front of cofee houses talking on their phones, acting like pretentious idiots, talking like "valley people"
"I, like totally know what you are talking about. I read it in a book somewhere."
by siddhartha August 06, 2001
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