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NOUN Plural-Cutterrat-age

noun-(1)A female human-being resembling white trailer trash (2) A female human-being who is heavily obese
(3) A female human-being who is annorexix or extremely skinny
(4) A grimy, disgusting, female who gets around
(5) A female who appears to be attractive, but certain aspects of her make her unattrative, such as bad breath
(6) A female who makes a myspace name, facebook name, or screename with alternation capitals and symobls such as this: I aM A CuTtEr RaT <3

Origin 2007 - Originating from the Gregorian based "cutter" and the Jamanian based "rat"
Lilian was a cutterrat because of her obesity. Although some guys found her attractive, once they hooked up, her disgusting breath drove them away.
by JamieG October 30, 2007

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