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Cutting all ties is a complicated procedure in which all connections to an individual or group, most commonly social and emotional, are severed. One would most usually cut all ties after a particularly embarrassing incident with this individual or group, especially when the incident in question is the sudden revelation that the individual or group was in fact the subject of covert hatred by the tie-cutter(s).

Can be used in a comical sense to convey the level of embarrassment an action has resulted in.

When a tie-cutting manoeuvre fails, the results are dismal at best. Generally a collapse of the tie-cutting group and their relationships is a certainty. Reasons for a failure can include, but are not limited to: a tie-cutter faltering in their resolve, an unexpected need for the tie-cuttee's abilities or connections, or the failure to convey the nature of the tie-cutting to all parties involved.
"I hate that guy, as soon as he finds out I reckon we should cut all ties."

"You can't sing for shit man, cut all ties."

"Why is that Lewis here, I thought we cut all ties?"
"We did, but then we needed his camera. We're screwed."
by Innominate January 26, 2008
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