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Commonly thought to be a word of its own, Cussin or Cussing is saying the word "curse" with an accent.

Most common in the southern US, where the southern accent originated from Scottish/Irish dialect. Although it is most common in the south, since most people think its a word of its own, it has spread throughout the entire US.
If you say "cursing" with an Irish, Scottish, or even a British accent, it sounds similar to "cussing". Now give it a nice southern drawn and drop the G off for good measure. Cussin.
by neoxide October 12, 2012
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Said by mostly black people or black people impersonators "WIGGERS". Means to dis, dub or insult someone
Yo Deryk y u b cussin Shavone she aint dun nout to u man init
<<< c im white and i can do it to
by Chlöe June 05, 2005
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