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A fabled legendary cess pool, found some where amidst the dark skag ridden alleys and back streets of Springbourne.

A dark hovel, in which only the foulest of beasts would take shelter, feral foul creatures like the 'Dani Hackett' could often be foud nesting in hives built from their only bodily deposits, and feeding on urine soaked chicken flesh and gone off milk.

Curzon Road suffered a particularly dark period, more commonly known as 'The Paxton Years', in which a grotesque being from beyond our very reality made a home in one of the spare chambers.

'The Paxton Years' consisted of none stop crack abuse, and urine soaked fighting, in which the main chamber or 'living room' was turned into an arena of vomit ridden debaucherous activity.

Curzon Road was also a known breeding ground for creatures such as the 'Phlally', The 'Phlally' would roost in fleshy masses, in the chambers of other creatures and lay its eggs, similar to that of the cuckoo.

There are only two known survivors that ventured into Curzon road, to study the foul creatures that nested there, the brave men are now heroes in the zooilogical world, Dr. Indieaiden Maclennan, and Professor Neo Adam Charles Cortex.
Have you ever been told the tale of the feral nest that is Curzon Road?
by BirdofPrey November 30, 2012
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