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Noun & Adj.; (“Cur-vehy-shin’ah-lism”): The ancient belief that it’s perfectly normal and acceptable for the female figure to have a curvy form.

Whether curvature is the result of birth and/or working out (abs, delts, tricepts, glutes, etc.) is held to be perfectly normal and in many cases, encouraged regardless of origin.

History: Believed to originate in South America, specifically the countries of Brazil, Colombia and Chile, dating back to pre-modern day times of strictly native indigenous peoples. It is also thought that these many indigenous cultures believed a woman with wider hips and a larger pelvic bone would be more apt to conceive children, thus keeping a bloodline. Therefore it was looked upon as a great quality when these ancients were choosing a mate for life.
Greg believes in curvationalism when it comes to his view on females.
#curves #curvy #women #body appreciation #sexy #buxom
by SirCurvesALot March 28, 2014
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