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Dude #1: "Yo homie, how much is that candy bar?"

Dude #2: "A Curtis Jackson."

Dude #1: "Aight. Can u spot me on that."
by Fity cent August 03, 2007
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fake ass rapper named 50 cent who sucks and wouldnt do shit without eminem and dre.
Oh shit curtis got shot again.
by The Game March 13, 2005
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verb - to snitch on someone.

derived from the real name of 50 Cent, a well-known police informant.
hey, don't make that kid cry, he might do a curtis jackson on your ass.
by KRH Productions May 01, 2007
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(aka 50cent) One of the best rappers of all time
Blood in my eye dog n i cant se
by Blair July 21, 2003
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An incredible douche. Has never used 10 rooms in his own home. Owns 6 cars, including an Enzo Ferrari which he describes as a "$430 thousand conversation piece". He drives one of these cars, and it's a fucking pontiac. Although some may argue with me, in my opinion, his music is some of the worst rap available. Money is wasted on this man, and apparently, so were 9 bullets.
Curtis Jackson (aka 50 cent, fiddy, etc.) has too much money at his disposal and wastes it on cars and rooms he will never use.
by CRYM Entertainment July 28, 2008
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Rapper known as 50 Cent. The bane of all human existence.
" Who is that man having sex with other males in that crackhouse? Oh my, it's Curtis Jackson!"
by Vergilkilla August 17, 2007
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