Pitcher for the Red Sox. Beat the Yankees with one leg in the 2004 ALCS and lead the Red Sox to their first championship since 1918.
-Curt Schilling is super cool
-Not as cool as Lou Merloni
by JasonGiambi December 10, 2004
Top Definition
Loudmouth pitcher whose only half as good as people think he is. Cried during lose to New York Yankees, because of his delusional obsession of NY Yankees and its fans. Got shelled in game 1 of ALCS vs NY Yankees. Many Red Sox dismiss this fact and hand the honors to Schilling, when in fact it was Lowe who beat the Yankees.

Continues to talk shit to this day. Is a right winger and a religious nut.
Christian Coalition
Jose Conseco
by Norton February 17, 2005
Media whore who doesn't realize that no one cares about what he has to say. Drama queen who pitches with a "bloody" sock so he can be the Red Sox savior.

Shut the fuck up, Curt Schilling.
by goyankees April 10, 2005
Giving someone a bloody pink sock
I heard Jim was so rough on Amy that he gave her a Curt Schilling
by bigdog23 April 14, 2009
Right handed starting pitcher for the BoSox. Throws a great fastball and a great slider. He has heat and he gets a lot of strikeouts. He probably would have started the 2004 All-Star game, but he decided not to play. He is one of the 2 aces on the BoSox in 2004.
Curt Schilling has 15 punchados.
Curt Schilling struck him out with the slider.
Curt Schilling beat the Yankees.
Curt Schilling is super cool.
by parliment July 24, 2004
Suffering from ADD
Curt Schilling licks butt cracks.
by Anonymous February 18, 2005
part of the loser baaahston red saaaawx. blabbermouth...never shuts up...bad mouthing people constantly; one who has an opinion on everything. Curt claimed to have a "bloody sock" during the 2004 World Series playoffs, but is probably lying. George Bush lover.
Mark won't shut up, he's being a Curt Schilling.

"What did Curt Schilling say today?"
"Nothing new, just criticizing people...what else is new?"
"Riiight. I stopped listening awhile ago."
by davidleefan February 29, 2008
one of the most devoted player for the bostong red sox. Awesome pitcher, has a good time with it all.
game six in the ALCS against the yankees in 2004
by redsoxfanforlife December 24, 2004
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