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A rather arousing "curse", first brought to attention by the popular music group, "Cute is What We Aim For."
The "curse" has been argued to just be a metaphor, just for use in the song, but further debate with other listeners has proved otherwise.
When a woman has the "Curse of Curves", it generally means she is a nice, sweet person, who has a curvy figure (large breasts, thin/slender midsection, large buttocks), and she is swarmed by men whom she has no interest in, and there is nothing she can nor wants to do about it.
"I've got the gift of one-liners, and you've got the Curse of Curves..."

-- Shaant Hacikyan, Cute is What We Aim For
by Jordan Phillips August 11, 2007
MOST amazing song by cute is what we aim for
"Ive got the gift of one liners and youv'e got the curse of curves and with this gift i can pose words in the question that comes forward"~Cute is What we aim for!
by Becca Boo April 10, 2007
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