...and on the 8th day, god made curry. on the ninth, he built its temple. we call that the Curry House.
kare wa tottemo oishi da.
takusan hito wa kare ga nai. :(
by Dr. Ren_Ayanami, Ph.D January 27, 2005
Where the galavanting general dares't not enter.
Bequeath this knowledge from the general;

For oh, the general departed ye olde curry house, devoid of his senses, red as a tomato, naked like a tomato, in desperate need of a shit.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 28, 2004
a house that smells like curry, because of people making curry all the time. the house permanently smells like curry
there's no way i would live in a curry house
by night prawler May 20, 2005
after a freak incident involving a chicken curry and a margarita pizza, this term can be used to express extreem approval.
thats proper curry house mate, proper curry house. ( after being told about your freinds last sexual endevor)
by shifty February 06, 2004

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