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A racial slur for people from India
Those curry niggers sell some wack H
by Ramesh0987 January 30, 2011
Ethnic from India. The term comes from the dark colour of their skin combined with the spice they use for all their dishes. Syn: macaca
I'm fed up of the classroom stench due to these curry niggers | Curry niggers are naturally prone to betrayal
by Office of Asian studies May 28, 2012
People of African descent get 'nigger' tossed at them--and use the pejorative amongst themselves as, some would say, a form of empowering re-appropriation. We also have 'sand nigger' for the Islam-colonized of the Middle East and North Africa. Admirers of the British raj use yet another variation for the swarming multitudes in India and their overseas cousins: 'curry nigger'.
A lot of curry niggers are popping up on TV these days: that chick on ER, Apu, the Qwikie Mart owner on the Simpsons, and that other chick from The Office.
by Indiaphile May 17, 2006
An offensive, derogatory term used to described people of east asian descent.
That curry nigger at tech support was no help.
by The Professor Confessor September 03, 2006
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