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(Verb) - The act of terminating a relationship without thought or regard for the effected party. To terminate an association with extreme prejudice. To kick someone to the curb.
I'm going to curbkick my girlfriend Jenny. I just caught her cheating on me with my best friend. Not only am I going to kick her to the curb, but him as well. He's a douchebag and she's a douchbagette!
by CurbKicked July 09, 2013
Placing someone's mouth, opened, on the edge of a sidewalk curb and then kick the back of their head. The best they can hope for is their jaw to only be detached from their skull.
That guy was such a fucker I beat him to the ground & then for good measure curb kicked the bith.
by Nate W. January 24, 2004
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