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Skateboard enthusiasts that often skate around parking lots and sidewalks. Called ‘squirrels’ because of their habits of running out in front of cars, much like their rodent counterparts do.
"Damn curb squirrel skated out in front of me again!"

"Ehh, Just hit 'em…"
by Neko! May 18, 2005
nigga's that ain't sitting on the porch
Damn man you almost hit them curb squirrels with your car!
by Me too September 06, 2007
Girls that are looking for a ride on motorcycles by standing at the side of the road. Many of these girls are at Bike Week and Motorcycle Rally's all over the country. Go to for more information.
Lets go for a cruise and pick up some Curb Squirrels looking to go for a ride.
by wjkoepp May 15, 2008
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