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When everything goes wrong for one day, from the HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm" - the adventures of Larry David, where he is constantly getting himself into shit.
When all the problems one inadvertently causes come back to haunt them.
Example 1:
Phil: WTF? You just spilt my pint, you muppet!
Jonathan: Sorry, I'm having a curb moment

Example 2:
*Woman slaps Phil*
Phil: Shit, I'm having a curb moment today. I didn't mean to offend her
by matrixbadger February 19, 2009
23 12
Same as CYE Moment. The cast of the show called it "curb" for short.
I had a curb moment in the doctor's office when I realized the nurse was the person who stole my parking spot earlier. I wanted to say something but I just eluded to the fact that someone took my spot and she didn't say anything or appologize.
by Wyatt-Boy July 09, 2012
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