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To slurp material out of one's genitals.
"Hey baby, you wanna cup?"

"Bro, what's cupping?"
"It's slurping shit out of your gf's vag."
by madnc February 09, 2013
2 8
To weigh, with one's hands, someones testicles
I was feeling bad, until Brian gave me some cupping. I felt better afterwards
by Mac June 03, 2004
162 63
to cup a breast/boob/tit as in feeling up
I was cupping her last night when my mom walked in.
by Random dude 1337 July 18, 2005
134 71
when a women touches a males genitals and gently massages his balls.
While cupping Zack, Chloe was super shitfaced.
by Stewart Scrivans February 22, 2009
80 37
To cup the elbow of someone in a supportive, friendly manner. Variations of the cup include 'earthquake cup', whereby the elbow is shaken in an earthquake style motion, or 'rock-a-by cup', where the elbow is gently rocked!
'I'm cupping you!'
by January 21, 2009
73 52
A special technique that requires great dexterity utilised by those with specific acute dysphagia.
Try a bit of cupping action today!
by E-bomb diggity dawg November 09, 2010
29 19
The act of cupping one's hands together below one's chin and whisper-yelling the phrase "Cup, Cup, Sir Cup" over and over into one's cupped hands. As a result of completing the task correctly, one shall find that a small tea cup has appeared in the cupped hands. This small tea cup will then tell one a nursery rhyme. Such nursery rhyme shall depict a tube of crescent rolls, which inflate to make an indigo nugget. But this shall only occur, lest the task be maneuvered completely and ultimately correctly. Beware, mutations have been reported upon the first rest after said nursery rhyme.
Hey man, wanna go Cupping tonight?
by Paymasta March 20, 2013
9 5