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The 'Cake' part of this term refers to the 'caking' on of foundation on the face with intent to cover pimples . When too much foundation is conspicuous&&could be 'melted' off from too much sun or other sources of heat/light , you know the foundation has been 'caked' on .

The 'Cupcake' part as a whole refers to the pimples which are still visible through the foundation . The pimples simply represent sprinkles , such as the ones found on most cupcakes .

The 'Whore' part of the term may be interpreted in many ways both positive&&negative . This definition will be more focused on the 'Cupcake' aspect of the term . It is your decision on how to interpret this part .

'Cupcake Whore' is also a term relevant to that of the 'scene kid' term . Many young girls may start off referring to themselves as 'Cupcake Whores' to identify themselves to other 'scene kids' .
Bitch , you are the most delicious Cupcake Whore i have ever seen ! luv yah !
by remarkable. August 22, 2010
A chick that will do you for a box of cupcakes.
That bitch is a cupcake whore!
by phantom_x1986 June 08, 2006
Cupcake whores are the opposite of Cupcakers. A Cupcake whore would never be able to perform the art of cupcaking.
All that cupcake whores do is perform sexual acts for cupcakes.
Ryan Puddle is such a cupcake whore that he will even perform Road Head for pancakes these days.
by 1heart1way January 16, 2008