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When several females sit in a circle and masturbate to the point where they squirt all over each other.
I wouldn't mind seeing those chicks in Squirting 101 do a Cincinnati Sprinkler with each other.
by phantom_x1986 January 16, 2007
A very bad prank.

When someone's asleep, you pull down their pants, stick a newspaper in their ass, and light the newspaper on fire.
Man... my ass still hurts from the 6 o'clock news...
by phantom_x1986 March 07, 2007
The shit. Cool. Sweet. Awesome.
Dude, that car is the poop!

You are the poop!
by phantom_x1986 August 15, 2006
A mental condition which causes a person to repeatedly pull a lonnie, or act like a lonnie.
That poor kid.... that boy has the Lonnie Syndrome
by phantom_x1986 August 11, 2006
A chick that will do you for a box of cupcakes.
That bitch is a cupcake whore!
by phantom_x1986 June 08, 2006

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