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The cup and saucer is a very unique position when one person lies down and goes into the butterfly possiton and the other one kneels down in the middle,pleasuring along the way. It is also called cas or the Jack attack. Its creator Jack, says that it is his favourite thing to do with his boyfriend on a sunday night.
Zach: i feel like some Cup and Saucer
Sam: me too, wanna do it now?
Zach: Sure, but i think Kieran wants to join
Sam: ok il get him
Kieran: i have been waiting for ages for this, YAY
by kiwirompus March 16, 2011
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The Cup and Saucer is a very sensual sex position invented by Max. One person sits on the floor with their legs in a butterfly position, while the other crouches in the middle and goes freestyle. It can also be referred to as the CAS. There is no limit as to how many people can do the CAS at one time. It is very popular with party-goers and drama-students.
Max: Hey Zach, want to do some Cup And Saucer with me later?
Zach: Sure thing Max! I think Kieran wants to join.
Max: Sure thing!
Zach: Hey Kieran, do you want to do the CAS with me and Max?
Kieran: Oh yeah! Sounds fun! Count me in!
Max and Zach: Awesome!!!
by Machary Stefkou April 04, 2011
When one person sits on the ground with their legs in a circle and another person kneels on the ground in the middle, they are both pleasuring each other gently. It is not a very well known sex possition but a very good one.
Person 1: I feel like something dirty tonight.
Person 2: Hmm, so do I, How about the Jack Attack?
Person 1: You mean cup and saucer, sure i love it.
by Mach Gewofku March 29, 2011
n. (sexual act) also "cup and sauc'er"

While approaching the climax of fellatio, a girl caresses her guy's balls (cup) to encourage him to ejaculate in her mouth (sauce her).
Though Jon was relishing Laura's oral talents, she was feeling tired... alas, he couldn't resist the cup and saucer and finally finished in her mouth.
by Hooray Henry June 02, 2009

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