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Like a "Country Bumpkin" but isolates the term to someone of the female gender. Removing the "u" in "country" insinuates the person is not only dumb but a b*tch as well double entendre.

Retarded ignoramus on the real!

Usually seen walking around government buildings with a Celie-type skip in their step while wearing a plastic plant in their hair in a poor attempt to conceal their extreme ghetto ugliness of their physical appearance as it is a reflection of what they are inside. (Celie step: see The Color Purple).
Tie Jo: Girrrl, my feets is so tirred. I can't waits to get home ann eat me sum fried chikin, smash potatoe and gritz.

Me: You's a dum b*tch, ya cuntry bumpkin. I pity the man that married you. I pity the foo, I do!

Shurl: Mmmmhmmmm!!! Mah naymz Shurrrlll!!
by Alejandro Sanz April 28, 2009
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