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A backstabbing bitch who is ugly and whorange (Snookie) and slimy and greasy and stupid. Often sports fake jet-black hair. Ugly stained teeth of a horse. Due to lack of love in general, she puts out uncontrollably in order to fill a void that at this rate will remain eternally empty due to her indecency and heartless disposition. It is suspected that she is a female but common sightings of the beast often prove otherwise. Do not let her pseudo-philosophy fool you because her Poptart brain is filled with gumbo. She talks like a grown man retard playing chubby bunny. Her cackle resembles that of a dying gopher. You may find her at your local YMCA, as she has gained the "freshman 15." If you sight a Cuntrina, simply ignore her by walking away to avoid satisfying her craving for recognition by human beings. She will try to talk to communicate with you via incomprehensible man-mumbling, but you will not understand.
Cuntrina: "Uhhhh uhhh buhhuhh muhuhmmfh fmmmahh."
Megan: "One....cunt.......rina...(I fucking hate Cuntrina)"
Cuntrina: "schuuuuuh duhhh hnuhhh."

Cuntrina: "I slept with my best friend's ex-boyfriend!"
Human: "What a cunt."

Human 1: "I think I saw a Cuntrina lurking around the dining hall today"
Human 2: "What a cunt."
by furryfriends4ever January 01, 2012
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